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Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning
in Tucson, AZ

Make your floors look like new; contact Sea Breeze Floor & Window Cleaning for vinyl composition tile cleaning in Tucson, AZ.

Why Work With a Professional?

Not everyone wants to schedule tile and grout cleaning services; cleaning your floors seems relatively simple, after all, so you may not want to spend the extra money. However, getting professional cleaning comes with several advantages:

  • Save time and energy: You already have a busy day. If you’re a business owner, you have to focus on running your company; if you’re a homeowner, you have to think about work, family activities, and more. After a hard day, you simply don’t have the time and energy to spare. By letting a professional handle the job, you can avoid doing the hard work yourself.
  • Enjoy a better clean: While cleaning seems simple, you can often tell when work is the result of amateur effort. Poor cleaning can leave behind streaks, stains, and more. When a professional handles the job, they can ensure your floors are spotless.
  • Get longer-lasting results: Professional cleaners often use high-quality cleaning supplies and sealants, which can help you enjoy cleaner floors for longer.

Your vinyl composition tile flooring looks amazing — that is, when dirt and grime don’t coat it. A dirty floor can not only affect people’s perception of your property but also fill it with allergens and bacteria, making it a less healthy place to be in. Because of this, cleaning your floors is an incredibly necessary task.

Trying to find the time to do so, however, isn’t always easy. You already have an incredibly busy schedule; you can’t devote extra time to cleaning, even if it’s necessary.

That’s where Sea Breeze Floor & Window Cleaning can help. We offer vinyl composition tile cleaning in Tucson, Arizona, and will go above and beyond to make sure the work’s done right.

The Benefits of Getting Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning

More beautiful floors

Dirt and grime can stain and discolor your floors. Cleaning restores your flooring to its former glory.

Reduce bacteria and contaminants

If grime is stuck on your floors, you could expose any visitors to allergens, diseases, and more. Keep your floors clean to keep your property sanitary.

Extended flooring lifespan

Over time, caked-on grime can damage your flooring. Remove it to extend your flooring’s lifespan and save yourself some money.

Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning in Tucson, AZ

Our Cleaning Process

  • Inspect your property: 

    Our experts will take the time to examine your flooring to see where the heaviest areas of dirt are. From there, we can make a plan of attack to address the issues.

  • Deep clean your floors:

    We’ll thoroughly scrub your flooring, paying special attention to any heavily stained areas. We use eco-friendly cleaners and gentle cleaning supplies to protect your flooring and the surrounding environment.

  • Clean the grout:

    The grout can contain all sorts of bacteria. We’ll clean out your grout to reduce contaminants and protect your property.

  • Seal your tiles:

    To protect your flooring for longer, we’ll apply a special sealant. This will help repel dirt and grime and give you a longer-lasting shine.

  • Inspect the results:

    We’ll carefully go over every inch of the floor to make sure we don’t miss a single spot.

    Our Experts Are Ready To Help

    At Sea Breeze Floor & Window Cleaning, we aim to provide high-quality vinyl composition tile cleaning to clients throughout Tucson, Arizona. We have over 20 years of experience and commit ourselves to providing the best work possible.

    If you’d like to learn more, call 520-546-2104. We’re ready to help you enjoy beautiful, durable floors!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Shouldn’t You Use on Vinyl Composition Tile Flooring?

    You should avoid using any cleaners with ammonia or abrasive materials, as these could potentially damage the flooring.

    How Do You Remove Stains From Vinyl Composition Tile?

    You can remove small stains using tap water and a gentle cloth. If that doesn’t work, you may be able to use a gentle cleaner.

    Sometimes, stains are too big or stubborn to remove on your own. In cases like these, you’ll want to schedule vinyl composition tile cleaning in Tucson, Arizona.

    Should You Wax Vinyl Composition Tile?

    Yes, you should wax vinyl composition tile to protect it from contaminants.